September Journey

Back in September I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression from losing a cherished pet, Lucy, and coping with the changes I wasn’t quite expecting, so my significant other was insightful enough to help mend our pain with an adventure that I’ll forever be grateful to have experienced. Nothing so simple could ever be a cure, but it was helpful in allowing myself to free the mind and look at the beauty of the present.


Our first stop was Great Basin, Nevada, for an astronomy festival. The drive was long, but the scenery was worth it. Autumn had already hit the mountain at 7,000 elevation and the sky was so abundant with stars - this was the brightest I’ve ever seen the milky way in all its glory - such a privilege to witness since light pollution blocks this mesmerizing sight in most places. At dark, volunteers with telescopes were scattered through the park and the first thing I got to see was the Veil Nebula-magical and jaw dropping.. then Andromeda galaxy.. some different star clusters, Saturn rings, M81 galaxy , Cigar nebula, Swan nebula, a supernova, Neptune, and so many more I lost count! I was astonished!! It blew my mind seeing things I only ever saw in photographs.. the exact things that have inspired my artwork for so many years and now they were just within reach of my sight. Words cannot capture the excitement I felt. A complete and natural high from feeling so small and yet so INCLUSIVE at the same time.


After two nights in that wild open space in eastern Nevada, we headed towards Bryce Canyon, Utah, but first some unexpected beauty just before entering the park was Red Canyon. It was the most vibrant of red and orange hues I have ever seen, bubbly and stacked high, I imagine its much like Mars, but with a super contrasted scenery of evergreens and bushes surrounding the lower levels... It was a quick drive through but so pretty!


Arriving in Bryce Canyon, our first view was of the HOODOOS! I can’t even wrap my brain around how these are naturally created. They say its the rain but I feel like I’m on an alien planet. Spires reaching towards the sky, hundreds, if not thousands of them.. we spent the day along the scenic drive to the highest point, seeing every angle possible.. but that first view stuck with me - breaking my reality with this new landscape I have never seen before. The clouds rolling in made for a dramatic contrast that was so incredible. You can hike down into them but we were only there for the day so made a pact to return!


Next stop was Zion. Wow. Wow. WOW… We entered from the east side and it was the most majestic and other-worldly experience. We were welcomed into this stunning landscape during sunset so the colors were really popping. Vibrant peaks towering over us as we drove down into the canyon’s valley to camp for the night. Trent and I could not stop saying how incredible this place was while driving the winding roads, passing checkerboard mesa and then going through mountain carmel tunnel… We barely seen any photos so we had no expectations and it was the most delightful surprise! So much awe and excitement. There were dozens of deer in the campsite, the winds were calm and warm all night, and bats were flying around and chirping. We went to Zion Brewery for dinner and then winded down with a fire. Next day we went through the scenic drive of the canyon, saw the emerald pools with a waterfall, and hiked along the Virgin river to the narrows entrance… the most popular hike - Angels Landing - was closed from a storm so I’m most eager to return to this park for more days to get the full experience.


Another evening entrance was into the Grand Canyon, we first stopped at the desert view watchtower on the east side entrance before finding camp. But the image forever embedded in my mind is the sunset at Lipan Point (which we went to the next day’s sunset) which was completely breathtaking (and my favorite viewpoint by far) The moon was a sliver and the stars were bright, you could see five of our solar system’s planets up in the sky.. The canyon was glowing a deep red, but you could truly appreciate the eerie depths as darkness took over the canyon. Instead of riding the required buses, we hiked along the west side of the rim and found plenty of privacy along the way to really appreciate it.


Monument Valley was a strange place.. The history of it isn’t pretty, but you do feel like you’re in an old western film. Its background for uranium mining/world war II made me feel so weird the whole time I was there.. But the landscape itself is just so mysterious with the large red rock formations scattered throughout the area. There’s a dirt road you pay to drive along, weaving in and out of these grand buttes which was fun, bumpy, and adventurous. It truly lets your imagination fly with shaping them into animals and faces as you stopped to stare and appreciate the oddness of this landscape.


We eventually made it all the way to Colorado! Mesa Verde is a magical place filled with over 600 cliff dwellings. Its one of the biggest and best archaeological preserves in North America.. We had fun driving around and spotting as many dwellings as we could.. and losing count quite quickly! We got to tour two of them, Cliff Palace being the largest, and Balcony House which was built high up in a cliff and was more adventurous to reach - making us climb tall ladders and crawling through tunnels. It was such a privilege and honor to experience this piece of history. I have a huge fascination for archaeology so I am very thankful for these places still in the world to really feel a connection to our ancestors.


Last but not least, we made it to Arches, passing through Moab before entering the park (such a quaint town with a delicious brewery.. even if they only have 4% beers on draft :| ) When we arrived at our camp, the first thing we did was go to a ranger presentation at their amphitheater, and just over our shoulder was Skyline Arch which I couldn’t stop staring at as the sun set and the stars filled the sky. As soon as the speech was over we ran back to camp to grab my camera and tripod to snap some photos of this brilliant sight.. As the moon lifted into the sky we enjoyed a fire and hit the bed in the back of the car. This was one of my favorite campgrounds we stayed at the whole trip. The next day we explored more of the park, including a part of devils garden, delicate arch, and some impressive pictographs… We will definitely go back, there are many more holes in rocks to see! ;)

Along with all these beautiful parks, we got to visit some other places not included in my national park art collection - Vermilion Cliffs, Dinosaur Tracks, native trading posts, Canyonlands, Newspaper Rock, Four Corners, Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, SLC, and many more along the way. It truly felt like we were traveling around in a spaceship checking out new planets I never could have dreamed of… At times this planet can be harsh, difficult, and scary, yet marvelous, enchanting, and lovable at the same time. Life is a gift. I wish more days were filled with this realization for myself and everyone else in need of the reminder.

Inktober 2018

Another successful year of INKTOBER!! 31 days.. 31 drawings.. averaging 4 hours of work on each one. Making it a top priority to draw every day was so alleviating to the stress I’ve been dealing with these last few months and I feel accomplished for getting through every prompt. So far, three days into November and I already miss having a random word thrown at me to really challenge my creativity but I’m going to keep this train moving and keep working on myself through artistic expression every day to manifest good thoughts and healing.

All of these are available as Prints. Email me for more information.

Inktober 2017

For the month of October I took part in a daily drawing prompt known as Inktober.. Each day had a theme that I and thousands of others would interpret with our imagination and express it through ink. Here is my collection - some I love, others felt rushed, and a few I feel are still unfinished, but regardless, I am proud. Its a very satisfying feeling to draw every day and get to look back at my accomplishment of this challenge.

*StarLady* & bopl Resin Pins


I finished my first collection of resin pins this month! These are HANDMADE so each one is unique with it's own quirks and flaws. It was a lot of fun making these, and a bit difficult at times, but I know I'll improve the consistency and quality as I continue releasing sets in the future!  

20 available


+$2 shipping for random color
Purchase in the STORE

BOPL pins will be available at his next show!!!

Johnny B's in Medford, Oregon
Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
Doors open 9 pm

Pay the entry fee, find the orange hat, quote a line from toy story and receive a bopl pin with your free treat ;)




Somewhere in the Forest, I see book plans...




Writing/illustrating a children's book has been a goal of mine for awhile now so I finally started it in a dedicated notebook..  I'll be making it one page at a time, front to back, and here's the first - cover page (still unfinished)... I plan to work on the concept of the story by taking breaks between each page to contemplate the next idea and how I am going to articulate it... creating it on the go, on a whim of a feeling.. the challenge excites & intimidates me! But this is something I know will truly be an accomplishment. Not even to publish it.. Just to finish it.. to see it through from beginning to end and follow my wild imagination wherever it takes me!  

Resin lapel/hat Pins

Hand carved clay slabs above, silicone putty to create the molds below. 

bopl pins on the right were handed out at his previous show, but there are a couple more available, if you're a fan send me a message and I'll be happy to give you one!

Listen to him on or

I've been working with clay, silicone putty, and casting resin to create some pins lately.. This was my first practice batch. I'll start working with clear resin next so I can tint and dye it instead of hand painting.. I realize that's a perk of something being handmade,  but certain colors layered create textures that change every time you press into it, so I have some troubleshooting to do.

I'll continue making more of these star ladies, and some other patterns I have in mind so keep an eye open in the store, I'll have them put up for sale as soon as I have a good stockpile made. 

Halloween Cards

"...Every night is Halloween." - Morticia

A month has passed, the turkey is eaten, the sun sets early, and I still have some Halloween cards available. If you're interested in a little Samhain Spirit this Yuletide season, send me your name and mailing address and I'll have it in the snail mail soon! I'll be transitioning into more winter themed cards so specify in the message if you prefer a spooky halloween card! :) Special thanks for the support to my cousin Nikole and Aunt Annette, the first of my family to reach out in interest of my work. It means a lot having the support of good people who have been a part of my entire life. I am forever grateful.  *Britt

Painting Stories

I am currently working on a series of paintings that will reflect the aura of Proxima Centauri, a solar system created by my love Trent, also known as BoPL ( Listen to him on Soundcloud & Bandcamp) It's for his newest album Bon Voyage, which tells the story of aliens who have shared with him the key events of their rise and fall of spiritual freedom in their solar system. It's an amazing journey and one I am thoroughly invested in recreating visually, so I am taking my time to articulate each song and that will be posted on his accounts soon as well as on this blog when it's finished.  *Britt

Beer Label (Update)

So the winners were announced and I received the 'Best of Show' award :) I hope it gets me a free beer! haha

Beer Label

Rough draft, before the touch ups and crop to the 7 x 5 dimension required for entry. 

Rough draft, before the touch ups and crop to the 7 x 5 dimension required for entry. 

Last week was Medford Beer Week and a local brewery named Portal was having a contest to name their new rye beer and make a label for it. Here is my entry. Inspired by the summer time daze of blazing sun meets yellow brushed fields.. I took a chance and this is my first time ever being involved in a competition. I'm not even close to having a competitive bone in my body, so it took a lot of influence from the people around me - especially my father - who helped come up with the name 'Rye-Zing Sun' because he knew it would fit perfectly into the themes I enjoy painting. When I turned it in, I couldn't have been more thrilled about the positive feedback from the owners. Regardless of who wins, I am already satisfied in the chance I took with my artwork and hope to continue growing in the local art community. *Britt

Fiinal piece with a round of tasty brews from Portal Brewing in downtown Medford, Oregon. CHEERS! 

Fiinal piece with a round of tasty brews from Portal Brewing in downtown Medford, Oregon. CHEERS! 

"Art is never finished, only abandoned"

A few of my paintings in the works... I usually go back and forth between at least 2-6 pieces in a day, depending on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I finish them all, or just one, or maybe I think it's done until tomorrow when I sit down in front of them again and start touching up with the brush ...the Alien one is practically finished.. and very special because I will be giving it to my favorite comedian Duncan Trussell (hopefully.. maybe.. if I have the courage, haha). I'll be very busy for the next couple weeks, two trips are planned and a lot of planting has to be done so I'm not sure when I'll get back to it.. Sometime towards the end of May I'm guessing.. I have a few previously finished paintings to upload still so check back by the end of the week for those! :) *Britt


Finishing a few paintings before I get my hands dirty in the garden :) Spring is the beginning of a very busy time for me that runs all the way to the end of Autumn... I'll be spending practically every day outside with all the plants! But it's my goal to continue posting and keeping this website up to date with my art :) As the days get warmer, it'll give me the opportunity to pull out my bigger canvases and sit outside with all the room to paint them. 

Ironlak Doodles

My first Sketchbox arrived! It had a pack of .4 mm ironlak markers, a single black ironlak marker,  a blue copic wide marker, and a pocket sketchbook. I am pretty stoked with these new tools, I've been using them when I don't have the time or space for bigger work, and it's so much fun to just doodle :) If you would like to get a subscription for yourself, the website is ... This is only my first month so I'm going to give it one or two more to really decide if it's worth the money, but the surprise is part of the experience and will keep me equipped with new things I might not normally get for myself so that's a great perk! *Britt

In the works

this painting is becoming one of my favorites.. it's almost finished. 


I just finished uploading all my hand painted cards to a new page under the paintings drop menu, titled 'Cards' ... It's been such an incredible journey getting to communicate with people beyond the screen. Giving them a piece of me isn't always easy, but I love thinking of all the lives my little paintings get to witness in their new homes.. It puts a smile on my face. I am grateful to everyone who has asked for one, or more even! I'm hoping with the new page dedicated to this experience, I am going to try to document the aftermath of where it ends up in the world. 


Liquid Paint

Here's a few photos of my first experiences with pouring paint on canvas. It is so much fun! I love this technique, it's what I've been looking for for years.. 


After a few days when these are dry I'll be adding smaller details by hand. I love the vibrance, how all the colors work together, and the way it morphs over time... I need to get some pipettes and make some rakes for this style of painting now.. *Britt

Pouring Paint


I recently discovered Pebeo paint and I have to say I am falling in love with liquid paints!.. In the photo, I used one color called 'leaf'  from their prisme line..  I am so mesmerized by the texture and the way the colors warp and change on their own...  I'm excited to continue practicing how to manipulate the way liquid moves and settles.. I just picked up some wood panels and more colors so I'll be pouring soon! I'm also in the process of putting together a marbling station.. (if you don't know what that is, it's when you have a certain consistency of paint that can float on water and you dip the paper in it)... With these new nifty techniques, I can only imagine that my work will be turning a little more abstract while I practice.. I still envision all my paintings will be influenced by the cosmos because nothing else inspires me more... and I will always have the part in me that can't put down a brush, so by hand I will be able to add detail and feel more accomplished with the outcome :)  Looking forward to seeing where this goes... *Britt


For those of you too shy to ask, I promise I try my best to be affordable and will even work out trade deals if you create something of your own! Just send me a message and we can figure something out :) I always try to include the size/canvas price + time spent on it... Typically my lowest price is $25-30 for 11 x 14 Inch paintings on mixed media paper ($40-50 if you want it framed, or if it's on canvas)... and the price goes up with size. For a frame of reference,  my largest paintings available right now are 24 x 36 inches on Stretched Canvas and I ask for $100... merely to cover the cost of the canvas, as well as shipping material for something this big. I'll eventually be offering package deals of smaller sets of paintings, so keep an eye out... they will probably run around $20.  I also offer free snail mail cards to those who ask and send me their address! Please visit my contact page for any questions or comments or you can email 


Sketchbox / Future Room Painting

I signed up for a mail service called Sketchbox to see what it's like..  hoping to broaden my techniques of making art...  Its this monthly subscription of art supplies where I'll be receiving at least 5 premium tools of the trade and a piece of artwork for inspiration. I'm excited because I'm going to paint an entire room soon and want to find new ways of working bigger and creating more fluently..  I think having experience with a variety of tools will give me a greater understanding of what I'm trying to express and how to do it.  

In this room, my goal is to work on detail. I always paint verrrry much in the moment, nothing is planned, or very rarely sketched out, and I never foresee where it'll be in the end.. a painting is never truly finished, I just put down the brush. I let myself be sloppy and quick, finding every second to be of its own choosing.. where the brush goes, how the colors blend, why I run the lines where I do..  But now.. being displayed on such a big space, I find this to be an excellent challenge and an even greater obligation to grow as an artist. I want to use this space as a place to elaborate on the realms and worlds I've created, developing them towards a fuller existence. I'm not sure how this will look, where this will go, or if it even goes at all... but I'm feeling optimistic :) 

Painted Mail





I found a stack of blank cards so I'll be mailing out small paintings once again! Just send me your name and mailing address on the Contact page :)