Sketchbox / Future Room Painting

I signed up for a mail service called Sketchbox to see what it's like..  hoping to broaden my techniques of making art...  Its this monthly subscription of art supplies where I'll be receiving at least 5 premium tools of the trade and a piece of artwork for inspiration. I'm excited because I'm going to paint an entire room soon and want to find new ways of working bigger and creating more fluently..  I think having experience with a variety of tools will give me a greater understanding of what I'm trying to express and how to do it.  

In this room, my goal is to work on detail. I always paint verrrry much in the moment, nothing is planned, or very rarely sketched out, and I never foresee where it'll be in the end.. a painting is never truly finished, I just put down the brush. I let myself be sloppy and quick, finding every second to be of its own choosing.. where the brush goes, how the colors blend, why I run the lines where I do..  But now.. being displayed on such a big space, I find this to be an excellent challenge and an even greater obligation to grow as an artist. I want to use this space as a place to elaborate on the realms and worlds I've created, developing them towards a fuller existence. I'm not sure how this will look, where this will go, or if it even goes at all... but I'm feeling optimistic :)