For those of you too shy to ask, I promise I try my best to be affordable and will even work out trade deals if you create something of your own! Just send me a message and we can figure something out :) I always try to include the size/canvas price + time spent on it... Typically my lowest price is $25-30 for 11 x 14 Inch paintings on mixed media paper ($40-50 if you want it framed, or if it's on canvas)... and the price goes up with size. For a frame of reference,  my largest paintings available right now are 24 x 36 inches on Stretched Canvas and I ask for $100... merely to cover the cost of the canvas, as well as shipping material for something this big. I'll eventually be offering package deals of smaller sets of paintings, so keep an eye out... they will probably run around $20.  I also offer free snail mail cards to those who ask and send me their address! Please visit my contact page for any questions or comments or you can email