Another Planet


Today's work... it felt great letting the flow of creativity wash over me and fill my day with colors and conscious formations. As a soft spoken space cadet, consumed in the things beyond the sky.. I feel entirely, and I can hear anything, but I see everything more clearly. Where shall I transcend next. The mind is so powerful, taking us anywhere we desire. What is moving us through time.. Are the seconds following us or are we following the seconds.. Another planet just doesn't seem that far away..

Arcturus - 
One of the brightest stars in the sky, in the constellation Boötes, cutting across the galaxy's disk at high speed.

Made on February 5th, 2016
I'll have it posted in the gallery soon.

Getting Started

I am happy to announce my website is officially up and running! I just need to add a few more titles to some paintings.. and build a page more equipped for donations and purchases. The account I have with squarespace only allows me to officially sell 'One product' in the Store... but all of my paintings listed available are for sale and you can contact me on the page provided or email (as well as contact me on any social networking site you have access to; twitter, tumblr, instagram, deviantart..) for more information on purchasing through donation or Paypal. Thank you so much for visiting! After I recover from a weekend in the snow, I will start updating more frequently. If all goes to plan I will have a few dedicated weekdays to work with people about commissions and update the website with new artwork and blog entries. Auctions and giveaways soon to come too, so stick around :)